Ence’s biofactory in Navia obtained its historical record of pulp production in 2018

The Ence bio-factory in Navia (Asturias) reached 2018 production results that set historical highs for the company. A total of more than 530,400 tons of pulp was produced last year from Ence’s naval facilities, which represents a new production record in the history of the biofactory.

The data have been released after the preparation of the annual balance of the production of the navajo biofábrica for 2018. The results are very positive: the production of cellulose, which in 2017 was about 523,000 tons, increased by 1.4 %.

In addition, Ence-Navia has registered a very important improvement in terms of sustainability, by reducing the odorous impact by 60%, and by 67% in relation to the emission of particles, with respect to the 2017 data.

The Navia biofactory is consolidated in this way as the highest production within the Ence group, as well as being the largest and most efficient cellulose factory in the eucalyptus market installed in Europe.

At the moment, the staff of Ence in Navia is of four hundred workers, of whom 70% are original of the region of the Asturian West. In addition, the activity of Ence in Asturias generates some three thousand stable jobs directly, half in the forestry sector.

The main objective of Ence for the Navia biofactory for this 2019 that has just begun will be the implementation of the “Navia +80” project, which is currently under execution. This is an expansion that seeks to increase the capacity of the biofactory in 80,000 tons of additional pulp. It will be operational after the annual technical stoppage that is usually carried out at the Ence en Navia facilities.