Ence’s biofactory in Navia increases employment during the health crisis

Ence’s biofactory in Navia has increased employment during the health crisis caused by the coronavirus. The Asturian pulp mill, dedicated to the production of basic necessities, has become a key element during this exceptional situation, sustaining supply since the beginning of the pandemic, including the months of greatest difficulty.

Hygienic and sanitary products made with Ence Navia cellulose, which are of vital importance to overcome the pandemic, play a very important role in prevention measures to avoid contagion. Due to this essential nature, the creation of activity has also been guaranteed and the continuity of thousands of jobs in different sectors, such as cellulose, forestry and logistics, is favored.

Since February, when Ence started to apply its coronavirus prevention protocol early, 283 hires have been made at the Navia biofactory, affecting 119 people. These hires are due to various reasons, such as the reinforcement of specific positions encouraged by the aforementioned protocol, the creation of specific teams to maintain checkpoints and limit contact, coverage of casualties, or the jobs included within the annual stoppage of the plant, carried out at the end of July and the beginning of August.

In this way, the company has worked to contribute to the maintenance of economic activity, protecting and ensuring 100% of the jobs it generates in Asturias, and also throughout the national territory, under strict measures of security, which has made it possible to mitigate, as far as possible, the effects of the health crisis.

For Ence, whose activity is based on the supply of cellulose and the generation of renewable energy, maintaining its production has been a matter of responsibility towards society, given the importance of supplying these two products to the population during this situation. . Especially of tissue paper, Ence’s main destination of cellulose, which constitutes an important part in the hygienic measures necessary to prevent and combat Covid-19, since with it much necessary products such as masks, gowns and industrial paper are manufactured. hygienic.

All this reaffirms the important role that the national industrial fabric has played and will play in the face of the health crisis. Companies like Ence, which are committed to maintaining their plants and establishments in Spain despite the constant relocation that we are currently experiencing, have made it possible to cushion the impact of the pandemic on the productive fabric and employment of the industrial sector, ensuring self-sufficiency and creating a reserve strategy that allows to be aware of the exceptionalities that may arise.