Ence’s biofactory in Navia ends its annual technical shutdown and resumes its usual production activity

Ence’s biofactory in Navia has resumed its usual production activity after having satisfactorily completed its annual technical shutdown.

This action has allowed the facilities to develop an exhaustive work plan to incorporate new technologies and improve existing ones, in order to continue reinforcing their efficiency, safety and environmental excellence.

Specifically, 6.4 million euros have been invested in the Asturian plant, of which 1.2 million were used to reinforce the environmental behavior of the biofactory.

Ence conceives safety as a fundamental priority and it is, in fact, an integral element of its way of working. In this way, the company has managed to complete the annual technical shutdown with zero accidents with sick leave among its own personnel and contractors.

Likewise, thanks to the strict protection measures against Covid-19, there has been no contagion by Coronavirus inside the facilities -carrying out nearly 4,000 antigen tests on own and contracted personnel and ensuring that all personnel had FFP2 masks available at all times.

During the technical shutdown, the more than 400 people directly employed by Ence Navia have been joined by 1,750 workers from 200 auxiliary companies, who have participated in the numerous engineering and maintenance projects for improvement developed during this period at Ence Navia.

This Ence process thus represents a strong boost for the local economy of Navia and its immediate surroundings, which is felt, not only in local employment but also, and very especially, in the consumption of sectors such as the hotel industry ( catering and hotel occupancy, above all) and commerce.

The Navia Entrepreneurs Association values ​​this stop as “very positive for both commerce and the hotel industry, but mainly for the hotel industry”. “During the weeks that the stoppage lasts, the catering establishments are benefited due to the increase in workers, who come during lunch and dinner hours, which represents a very important economic injection for the council,” they point out.

The technical shutdown is, in short, a key moment for the company. In addition to materializing some of the fundamental axes of its management model -such as environmental excellence, safety and the continuous improvement of its facilities-, this process, and the activity linked to it, contribute to the creation of wealth in the region western Asturias.