Ence works to ensure the supply of pulp and electricity, basic goods and services in the current crisis situation by COVID-19

Ence – Energía y Celulosa is working to ensure the supply of renewable electrical energy and cellulose –material with which basic hygiene products are manufactured–, basic goods and services in the current pandemic situation.

The early and strict application of the company’s internal Coronavirus Prevention Protocol is allowing all of the company’s renewable and pulp plants to be operational.

For Ence, it is a question of responsibility towards people and society, given the importance in this situation of supplying citizens with both renewable and firm electrical energy, as well as cellulosic products (especially tissue paper, the main Ence’s cellulose destination, which plays an important role in the hygienic measures necessary to prevent and combat COVID-19).

People’s safety, top priority

The safety of people is the highest priority for the company, which was anticipated in the application of prevention and containment measures against the Coronavirus. In this way, prevention measures have been increased in all operating centers and in the supply chain; all the people whose activity allows it are teleworking at their homes; and prevention protocols have been implemented in all jobs.

Thus, about half of the company’s workforce works from home, following government recommendations. At the same time, and with the aim of minimizing possible risks, the shifts for the personnel of the different plants have been modified, which means that more than 12% of the employees currently do not coincide in person. Similarly, strict prevention protocols are being applied to all forest and logistics workers.

In addition to the adoption of these measures, agreed with the representatives of the workers and communicated to the Administration, the company works to contribute to the maintenance of economic activity and to protect and secure employment, in line with the Government’s indications that the companies commit to maintaining the jobs.

We are experiencing a crisis that, most likely, is going to be a long one. A crisis that will be impossible to overcome if the production of the goods and services required by citizens is stopped. From Ence, we are focusing our efforts on guaranteeing the safety of people, but also on maintaining employment and economic activity, to give the best response, as this harsh situation requires.

It is not realistic to think that we will get out of this pandemic if we are all confined to our homes, since we need to continue producing and supplying society with electric energy, food and basic and hygienic or sanitary products.