Ence Terra, the new vision of Ence’s forestry activity, is born

In order to strengthen its commitment to the rural environment and promote the development, sustainability and visibility of the forestry sector, Ence – Energía y Celulosa launches Ence Terra, the new vision of the company’s forestry activity. Ence Terra has been presented this afternoon to a large representation of the sector in Santiago de Compostela, where he was able to see first hand everything that involves the birth of this new approach.

Ence Terra, a Galician company based at the Pontevedra biofactory, encompasses all the group’s activities related to sustainable forest management: from the management of its own and third parties’ assets through different types of contracts, to the purchase and supply of timber, including advice to landowners, the development and sale of plants in nurseries, research in the forestry field and the ecosystem services certified by the company.

This new vision is accompanied by an ambitious plan to strengthen Ence Terra’s relationship with other companies in the sector (suppliers, collaborators, logistics companies, etc.), with forest owners and with the different administrations. “It is a plan arising from dialogue and listening, which aims to involve the different actors in the value chain of the forest and create synergies for growth and development with a view to the long term,” said Antonio Casal, territorial director of Ence in Galicia.

This plan includes measures for Galician forest owners, who will now have a new advisory service provided by Ence Terra, at no cost to the individual, to increase the productivity and sustainability of their eucalyptus plantations. In addition, the 360° service will be reinforced: research and production of quality plants, advice and accompaniment of the crop, purchase of wood and management of permits and operations and comprehensive forest management, among others. “Measures against the abandonment of plots and new advice for heirs will also be implemented,” said José Manuel Tubío, Ence’s director of standing timber supply.

In relation to the companies in the sector, Ence Terra was created with the aim of continuing to contribute to their sustainability and growth. To this end, plans for the identification, training and education of new forestry workers will be promoted, encouraging new personnel to enter the sector and the specialisation of current personnel. The company’s courses for machine operators will play a key role in this respect.

The company will collaborate with the companies with the necessary resources for the operation, as well as with the improvement of their efficiency, through a new team created specifically for this purpose. A major investment is also planned in both biofactories (Pontevedra and Navia), to improve the reception of wood at the company’s facilities, as well as new initiatives to continue adopting and transferring best practices, mainly in terms of safety.

Ence wants to boost the visibility of the forestry sector within society, making it more attractive and achieving consensus that will benefit all the actors involved. “Through Ence Terra funds will also be channelled to research, hand in hand with the Administration and universities, with special attention to improving the adaptability and resistance of species to the territory, moving towards more resilient forest crops and better adapted to climate change,” said Felix Carbajales, director of Northern Forestry Supplies Ence.

And all of this prioritising the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the forests, promoting actions to improve management techniques, conserving and promoting biodiversity.

Ence Terra is, therefore, a firm commitment by the company to the territory, to build a leading forestry sector, leader and recognised by society, guaranteeing its long-term sustainability