Ence supports Grassroots Sports in the region through its Pontevedra Social Plan

Ence continues with the presentation and signing of the agreements of the latest edition of its Pontevedra Social Plan, in this case in the area of support for sports activity and the values that it promotes.

A total of 138 projects in the Pontevedra region, individual, club and sporting events in the region, have been beneficiaries in this edition of the Plan. This represents significant support for a large number of athletes: football, futsal, athletics, rhythmic gymnastics, basketball, handball, taekwondo, wrestling, kayaking, water polo, sailing, canoeing, and swimming organizations from the municipalities of Pontevedra, Poio and Marin.

Poio FS, Marin Futsal, Arxil Basketball, Basketball Club, PeixeFresco Marín, Cisne Handball Club, Galaico Swimming Club, La Peña Sports Club, and Ravachol Pontevedra Badminton Club are some of the entities whose projects have been beneficiaries.

Ence, sensitive to the reality of the Pontevedra region and its region, supports sports activities and the dedication of athletes, coaches and organizations that, in many cases, make up for the lack of resources with their sacrifice.

The Ence Pontevedra Social Plan thus demonstrates the company’s commitment to its environment, which is also evident through the air and water of the Ría de Pontevedra, whose high quality shows how the activity of the Ence biofactory, respectful and careful with the environment, it is fully compatible with sustainability.