Ence starts production of Naturcell, the most demanding and innovative cellulose in terms of sustainability, at the Navia’s biofactory

Ence’s biofactory in Navia has successfully completed its first production of Naturcell, an unbleached cellulose product developed by the company based on the most demanding and innovative standards in terms of sustainability. This pulp, which until now was only supplied from the Pontevedra biofactory, allows the diversification of the portfolio of the Asturian facilities, providing greater flexibility, resilience and added value to its activity.

Naturcell’s first production in Navia was completed after a series of demanding tests, and has been possible thanks to the team’s commitment and professionality. This production of unbleached cellulose will be included in the regular portfolio of the Navia’s biofactory to replace standard eucalyptus cellulose, adding to Ence’s other differentiated product alternatives, such as Powercell and Closecell.

Some of the distinctive features of Naturcell, included within the line of differentiated products “Ence Advanced”, are: lower carbon footprint, better use of energy in its production, significant reduction or required resources, and reduction of water consumption.

Naturcell cellulose, so far supplied only from Pontevedra and that, from now on, may be from both biofactories, is also the first to have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for cellulose, a program for environmental declarations, which identifies and reports the environmental impacts of the product based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The process to obtain the EPD in Navia will also begin in 2023.

The company continues to promote the “Ence Advanced” line, an alternative capable of responding to the high expectations of a market that increasingly demands products of natural origin, recyclable, biodegradable, and that comply with the highest standards of quality and sustainability. At the end of the third quarter of this year, the percentage of sales of special products has consolidated, representing 18% of total pulp sales.

In this way, based on these high value-added products that provide competitiveness, the company is capable of supplying pulp for multiple applications in which it replaces plastic or other materials with a higher environmental footprint.