Ence, sponsor of the Ciudad Real Basketball Club

Ence – Energía y Celulosa has launched the 1st Call for Collaboration with Provincial Sport of Ciudad Real, an initiative through which the company seeks to promote sport in the region through the sponsorship of the Ciudad Real Basketball Club, one of the The most important sports entities in the municipality that will celebrate its 30th anniversary this season.

Ence will provide € 10,000 to the club in the capital, with the aim of strengthening the men’s and women’s capital teams in their respective categories, thus providing them with the momentum they need to achieve greater goals in future seasons.

The company has recently increased its presence in Castilla La Mancha thanks to the new Puertollano plants (Termollano and Biollano), which are added to the Enemansa center, in Villarta de San Juan. In this sense, Ence has always opted for full integration in the environments in which its plants and biofactories are located, contributing to the social and economic development of the communities in which it operates, by generating direct and indirect employment at the local level. and the launch of social projects.

This agreement is in addition to those already carried out by Ence in other territories where the company operates, in which it collaborates with local institutions to promote not only sports but also social, cultural and environmental initiatives.

Ence’s commitment to its environment is one of the pillars on which the company is based. Its commitment to the province of Ciudad Real is consolidated with this collaboration, in addition to its collaboration with the agricultural and industrial sectors of the capital thanks to the operational chain of its three La Mancha plants.