Ence returns to the IBEX Top Dividendo

Ence-Energía y Celulosa has once again become part of the IBEX Top Dividend, an index formed by the 25 securities of the IBEX 35, Ibex Medium Cap and Ibex Small Cap with the highest dividend yield for its shareholders.

The Technical Advisory Committee of the IBEX indices has announced the entry of Ence into the selective one based on the dividend yield of its shares in 2018, which amounted to 5.01%, one of the highest percentages in the list.Ence’s dividend policy establishes a commitment to pay 50% of its net profit in dividends to its shareholders. During 2018, Ence distributed to its shareholders an amount of 0.275 gross euros per share, which meant a payment of 67 million euros.

On December 24, Ence became part of the selective IBEX 35. The Committee’s decision, which was based on liquidity, capitalization and stability criteria, allows the company to trade in the select group of companies with the highest liquidity in the stock market. Spanish, and thus offer greater attractiveness to its investors.