Ence renews its Equality Plan, strengthening its excellence in its commitment to people

Ence has renewed its equality objectives for the 2021-2023 period, which includes ten measures that are directly related to the company’s commitment to people and that will be developed over the next three years.

The company closed the 2019 financial year with a zero salary gap between the men and women that make up its workforce. This record, calculated according to the methodology of the Excellence in Sustainability Club in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor, was a milestone for a company in the industrial sector, framed in Ence’s Equality Objectives for the 2019-2020 period.

Through the new Plan, the company is committed to ensuring internal equity in equivalent positions between the sexes and increasing the representation of women within its human team. Throughout 2020, the company maintained 53% representation of women among workers aged 30 or under with a university degree. The figures have been growing since 2015, when it stood at 32%. Continuing in this upward line is a priority for Ence, which wants to attract female talent and maintain equity within the organization.

To this end, the objectives in the development of the staff itself have been renewed, with the application of measures that avoid bias in the promotion processes and ensure an equitable representation of women in training activities. In the same way, in the selection processes the female presence will be enhanced, with at least one woman in the final shortlist of all processes.

Once the targets for female hiring in 2020 have been exceeded, Ence sets itself new challenges and seeks that at least 25% of the new permanent hires in the operational positions of the biofactories are women, as well as 50% in the managers and individual contract personnel .
Ence’s commitment to youth employment is materialized in initiatives such as the Talent Program. The goal set in this area is to maintain a 50% representation of women in those under 30 with a university degree.

The Equality Plan is also completed with the objectives to promote a rational balance between professional and personal life, such as labor flexibility through the current working time system. Also, the support of an equitable enjoyment of childbirth leave, regardless of sex.

The last objective of the decalogue is to ensure visibility and monitor compliance with the objectives set through the Technical Commission for Equality.
Through these ambitious and challenging objectives Ence wants to become a benchmark for equality and continue to promote talent and the generation of employment and wealth in the environment in which it operates.