Ence reinforces the sustainability training of its staff

Sustainability is a strategic priority for Ence: it is not only included in the company’s mission but also constitutes one of the objectives of the Strategic Plan set for the 2019-2023 period. In order to share and involve all its human team in the key importance of this concept, the company has developed a specific training plan for its employees, which in the past year 2020 has reached nearly 1,000 people through training online and in person that will continue this year until reaching a goal for the entire workforce.

Ence has taken very important steps to advance in the transversal integration of sustainability as a strategic pillar of the company. Thus, in order to bring sustainability to all areas of its activity, it created a governance structure that is part of the Board of Directors with a specific commission, and, at the end of 2019, it established the General Directorate of Sustainability, led by the General Secretary of the company, Reyes Cerezo.

Also in 2019 Ence approved approves its new Sustainability Master Plan, which in seven areas of work seeks to achieve a relevant position in the field of sustainability from the achievement of a series of strategic objectives. The established strategic pillars are Safe and eco-efficient operations, Climate Action, Rural and agroforestry development, Sustainable product and Ence with the communities; while the transversal axes refer to People and values, and Good corporate governance.

Regarding sustainability training, the development of the concept itself has been addressed, from its origin to the establishment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Also its transversal application in the company, to respond to global challenges of sustainability such as gender equality and diversity, climate change, biodiversity and natural capital, the water cycle, the transition from the linear economy to the circular, and respect for human rights. Also, health and personal development, and demographic pressure and depopulation.

For Ence, it is vitally important that its human team continues to know and internalize sustainability as a priority in their daily work. “Sustainability is aligned with our business model. We work not only to publicize the SDGs in the organization, but to go further, and create a way of working that allows us to include them in our day-to-day in a natural way, ”says Reyes Cerezo.

In this sense, the integration of these goals in Ence has been developed “in a structured way”, generating an internal organization “that allows us to define the approaches, create a roadmap and establish indicators to measure our progress and achievements”.