Ence reinforces its commitment to Asturias in a 2020 marked by the coronavirus pandemic

In a year 2020 marked by the health crisis, Ence has wanted to reinforce its commitment to Asturias and, specifically, to the western Asturian region, where its Navia biofactory is located. The company has contributed to maintaining employment and industrial activity and related sectors, while supporting various initiatives of a social nature, in a clear sign of support for those groups that have suffered the most from the consequences of the health crisis.

The essential nature of the cellulose manufactured at Ence Navia, with which hygienic and sanitary products of vital importance are manufactured to avoid contagion, guaranteed the continuity of the biofactory’s activity. Thus, the company has worked to contribute to the maintenance of economic activity, protecting and ensuring 100% of the jobs it generates in Asturias under strict security measures.

Ence’s commitment to the environment is reinforced by the actions of a social nature that the company and its human team have carried out in 2020. Thus, together with the renewal of the collaboration agreement with the Navia City Council and, within this agreement , the company has supported the Navia Entrepreneurs Association in the campaign launched by the Consistory, called “Navia, it’s time.” Its objective has been to make visible the importance of local commerce and hospitality in a situation such as that generated by the coronavirus.

“The importance of this economic aid, converted into an innovative promotional campaign, has been in its role to raise awareness of consumption in local commerce, as well as to stimulate the solidarity of our customers and neighbors,” explains Julia María López, president of the Navia Business Association. “It has made our streets fill with people in a tough and uncertain year, and we have made our village an open shopping center,” she adds.

Within the special measures due to the health crisis, the contributions that Ence, through the aforementioned Agreement, makes to sports clubs and cultural entities of the council have also been reinforced, given the difficult situation that many of these organizations are going through. This support helps to guarantee the continuity of projects that promote culture and sport in the region.

In addition, in 2020 the company, together with LC Paper, donated two trucks of hygienic material to the Health Service of the Principality of Asturias (Sespa) to support the fight against Covid-19; and the staff starred in a toy collection campaign, which the Red Cross distributed among families in vulnerable situations in the western region.

These initiatives are included in Ence’s commitment to the environment of its biofactories and renewable energy plants, providing collaboration and contributing to the well-being of its neighbors. The company maintains a constant dialogue to identify and support new initiatives to contribute to an inclusive, green and sustainable recovery.

The Navia biofactory constitutes a strategic element for Ence in its future plans. After the investment of more than 113 million in the “Navia 80” project, already executed, the company is working on new lines of growth and diversification, towards cellulose for absorbent products and cellulose for viscose, the basis of textile products.