Ence received nearly a thousand visitors in its biofactories during 2022

Ence’s pulp biofactories in Pontevedra and Navia (Asturias) received close to a thousand visitors in 2022, who were able to learn first-hand about the pulp and renewable energy production process at these facilities. These visits are practically double those received during the previous year.

The company understands environmental education as essential to continue moving towards a more sustainable future, to the extent that it contributes to creating greater awareness about the environment and its care. Therefore, a good part of these visits came from colleges and universities.

During these visits, attendees have the opportunity to learn about Ence’s business model, based on circular production processes, in which all the raw material is used and waste generation is minimized, giving rise to biodegradable and recyclable products. as well as generating renewable energy.

Not surprisingly, both biofactories have been recognized with the prestigious Nordic Swan eco-label from the Scandinavian countries. They also have the AENOR “Zero Waste” certificate, and the sustainability of the biomass they use has been certified under the SURE sustainability verification scheme.

Through these visits, Ence seeks to transmit its strategic values, among which sustainability stands out; specifically, the importance of reuse and responsible consumption, as well as the commitment to caring for the environment. All this to face climate change and move towards the circular bioeconomy, while generating sustainable employment and wealth in the territory.