Ence promotes the training of forest machinists in Galicia

Ence – Energía y Celulosa sponsors a course to instruct new forest machinists for processors and self-loaders, in their eagerness to develop and professionalize the sector, as well as to continue improving occupational safety. The company expects that part of the students, once the course is finished, will start working in leading companies in the forestry sector, such as forest harvesting and maderistas, helping them to continue growing.

This free course aims to respond to the high demand of machinists of forest processors and self-loaders, a growing profession with a lack of professionals. During 3 months, the students will learn the theoretical foundations for the handling of the machinery and its maintenance and will practice in a state-of-the-art simulator and professional machines. In addition, they will attend a course on occupational risk prevention through which they will obtain a certificate in PRL, which will help instruct professionals with safety knowledge.

The course will be taught by the Forma-t training company in Villalba (Lugo), from September to December 2019. This is aimed at any employed or unemployed person interested in starting to work as a forest engineer, without previous experience in processors and autoloaders Those interested in the course can inform or sign up for it through the telephone 982 513 605, email info@grupoforma-t.es or visiting the website www.formacionforestal-es.webnode.es.