Ence promotes sustainable forest management with a new technical team to advise forest owners

As part of its commitment to the development of sustainable and responsible forest management, Ence has created a new technical team focused on Asturias to collaborate with landowners in the application of practices and methods that allow them to move towards greater sustainability and productivity of their eucalyptus plantations. Together with the sector and wood suppliers, the aim is to increase the efficiency of these plantations, without increasing their surface area, generating more social, environmental and economic value in rural areas.

Ence’s new specialised team will improve plantation management through recommendations on plant selection, advice to the owner on forestry work and plantation care, and monitoring throughout the plantation’s development.

Similarly, together with the suppliers, collaboration between owners will be promoted to establish management units of larger surface areas, thus overcoming the limitations of smallholdings, which will increase productivity and the sustainability of the crops, facilitating their management. The third objective of the new team will be to promote and disseminate examples of model forestry that landowners can learn from in the field and apply to their plantations.

In this way, with the same area of eucalyptus, promoting excellence in its management, it will be possible to achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability of existing forests, which will benefit owners and society as a whole, generating more sustainable forests, with less risk of fire, with higher environmental values and better protected.

Ence offers these services, within the capacity of its new equipment, in collaboration with forestry associations in Asturias, at no cost to the landowner.

With more than 65,000 hectares, Ence is the leading private forest manager in Spain. In its own forests, as well as through the forestry chain, Ence applies an integrated forest management system and is committed to R&D&I, with a special focus on genetic and silvicultural improvement and pest and disease control.

With these new initiatives, the company aims to transfer its experience and knowledge to the entire sector, with the aim of continuing to promote the decarbonisation of the economy and the development of rural areas, through the supply of wood-based products such as cellulose and renewable energy with biomass, of natural origin, renewable and are the basis of the new circular bioeconomy.