Ence promotes an innovative Center of Excellence to strengthen the efficiency and digitization of its biofactories in Navia and Pontevedra

Ence has launched its new Pulp Operations Center of Excellence, an innovative proposal aimed at promoting the optimization of all processes from the raw material to the final product, promoting digitization and the use of the most advanced techniques and technologies of jointly in their biofactories.

The Center of Excellence is constituted as a unit with virtual headquarters, which will work together with the teams of the Pontevedra and Navia plants to achieve their objectives and improve the operating results of both facilities.

In this sense, Jordi Aguiló, General Director of Celulosa, has pointed out that this new organization “will be linked to the operation, working in a shared way and providing service to the biofactories. It unites, in the same structure, the part of processes, data and digitization. Without a doubt, this center is key to continue advancing in the continuous improvement of our processes”.

Among the objectives of this new structure are the improvement of the processes and the product, optimizing all the operating variables that allow achieving maximum efficiency in operations, and excellence in quality and customer service, the environment and security. In addition, it will focus on establishing more robust operating procedures and promoting training. All this hand in hand with new technologies, making use of data analysis and artificial intelligence tools, among others.

This leading center is led by Paulo Gaia, to date Director of the Pontevedra biofactory. He replaces him in the position, as Director of this facility, Esther Couceiro. In turn, the former Director of Ence Navia, Luis Claudio Zynger, will perform the functions of Industrial Director of Pulp, while María Luz Sánchez begins a new stage as Director of Ence’s Asturian biofactory.

With this new organization, Ence advances in its commitment to the sustainability of its plants and the efficiency of its processes, advancing at the forefront of the sector hand in hand with digitization and new technologies. All this with the aim of continuing to promote the circular bioeconomy, in the form of bioproducts and renewable energy, from natural resources.