Ence presents “Naturcell” in Düseldorff: the best alternative to continue advancing in the sustainability of paper

Ence – Energía y Celulosa has participated in Tissue World Düsseldorf: Commercial conference dedicated to the world’s largest tissue paper industry.

A meeting in which thousands of tissue professionals have participated and which has been developed over three days in which the latest products in the manufacture of tissue paper and paper have been released, from paper conversion machinery and paper packaging tissue to stock preparation, chemical solutions and different manufacturers in the sector.

Ence, represented by Roberto Mirande, the company’s Director of Product Development, has presented in this forum “Naturcell, the best alternative to reduce the environmental footprint of your paper”, with the aim of publicizing this unbleached cellulose developed by Ence and which stands out for its high sustainability standards: lower consumption of wood, non-renewable raw materials, water and energy in its production process and a lower carbon footprint, among others.

More and more paper applications are using this material, unbleached cellulose, as a sustainable alternative to the use of plastics, being a clear example of circular bioeconomy and ecological transition towards a new consumption model through a natural, renewable fiber , biodegradable and versatile, coming from a sustainable and environmentally respectful production.

“The promotion of new products that are characterized by their environmental sustainability is strategic. Faced with a society that is increasingly committed to the environment, it is necessary to move towards a production and consumption model that is more respectful of the environment”, highlighted Ence’s Director of Product Development.

Naturcell cellulose is included within the portfolio of special products “Ence Advanced”, Ence’s line of differentiated products, capable of responding to the high expectations of a market that increasingly demands products of natural origin, recyclable, biodegradable , and that meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Thus, based on these high value-added products that provide competitiveness, the company is capable of supplying pulp for multiple applications in which it replaces plastic or other materials with a higher environmental footprint.

Ence also offers Naturcell Zero, the first carbon-neutral paste produced by the company, and paves the way for the development of new materials with an improved environmental footprint.

Along these lines, in 2020, Ence was a pioneer in its sector by analyzing the environmental profile of its products, using Environmental Product Declarations (EPD®, in its acronym in English) as a tool, a program for declarations environmental, in which the environmental impacts of the product are identified and reported based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).