Ence participates in the Open Innovation 4.0 Asturias with the aim of optimizing the management of wood in its biofactory in Navia

Ence – Energía y Celulosa participates in the fourth edition of Open Innovation 4.0 Asturias, in which six leading companies in the Principality pose challenges related to digitization to entrepreneurs and technology companies, in search of future solutions for their processes.

Ence participates in this proposal for public-private collaboration promoted by the Economic Development Institute of the Principality of Asturias (IDEPA) and the European Center for Business and Innovation of the Principality of Asturias (CEEI). The objective of the initiative is to promote the acceleration and traction to the market of young innovative companies, while allowing the driving companies, such as Ence, to interact with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and advance in their technological challenges.

This morning the presentation of the challenge posed by Ence took place, represented by Luis García, Director of Digital Implantation of Cellulose Maintenance.

Within this initiative, Ence has proposed as a challenge for its Navia biofactory the development and implementation of a digital, visual and intuitive control system, capable of optimizing wood storage inside the factory. This will contribute to the sustainability and efficiency of the pulp production processes and the generation of renewable energy.

In detail, it is about developing a system based on artificial intelligence that analyzes the various parameters measured in the wood from sustainable management that is received at the Navia biofactory: species, diameter, length and density. This algorithm would allow optimizing the stacking of wood, its internal movement within the facility, the handling of the equipment and the associated cost control.

“The application of technology in this area can be very positive to optimize the management of this raw material, streamline internal processes and thus increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the biofactory,” said Luis García, who believes that ” collaboration with specialized companies in the technology sector, with an entrepreneurial nature, is really positive for our company ”. “We are convinced that the future passes through the so-called Industry 4.0”, he stressed.

Not surprisingly, innovation and digitization are fundamental elements in Ence’s competitiveness, through the identification and implementation of solutions that respond to the company’s needs and strategies. They also allow the development of initiatives and projects that are a source of value creation.

Currently, Ence is developing the Digitization program focused on biofactories (Industry 4.0) applying digital technologies to industrial processes with two very clear focuses: energy efficiency and predictive maintenance.