Ence launches a free app for producers of eucalyptus for obtaining a log and calculate the amount of timber from their land


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The application also makes it possible to be informed of the grants of various forestry agencies to assist farmers eucalyptus.

June 22, 2015. Ence has this week made available to forest owners an APP for phones and tablets including a calculator on the amount of eucalyptus wood with which has a plot, taking into account various data, such as the total tree height, diameter, species of wood or the total number of trees per plot. With this, the company wants to support the work of forest owners by providing a tool that will help them manage their plantations and decision-making.

The application also includes interesting information. Users that download on their mobile phones and tablets may, for example, access to information on various forestry agencies subsidies granted to producers of wood.

Furthermore, very simply, over 120,000 producers of eucalyptus in Galicia will learn about key issues such as forest certification, one of the challenges facing the sector and aims to ensure that forest management is carried out sustainable. Or an entire section with tips and techniques to plan the cultivation of eucalyptus in their plots.

The application can now be downloaded on Android through Google Play on the website www.compramosmadera.es, a website designed as an exclusive channel for forest producers who want to market their timber. IOS users can download it from the Apple Store within two weeks.