Ence joins the #PorElClima community

In its commitment to climate action, Ence wants to contribute to the mitigation of climate change. It does so through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions derived from its activity, the decarbonisation of the energy model through the generation of renewable energy and the recovery of agroforestry remains, which reduce the risk of fires and diffuse emissions. This commitment has led the company to join the #PorelClima Community, which seeks to accelerate climate action in different sectors of society.

The #PorElClima Community has among its objectives to bring together the pioneers, those who are already fighting against the climate crisis and reducing their emissions to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. This movement has emerged to encourage society to act against the climate crisis. In it are citizens, fathers and mothers, young people, NGOs, companies and public administrations, all aware of the importance of fulfilling this mission.

Ence works actively to contribute to the goal of carbon neutrality. On the one hand, setting emission reduction targets at its facilities: the company has set a goal for 2025 to reduce the specific scope 1 and 2 emissions of its biofactories by 25% compared to 2018, the base year in which it began to analyze its carbon footprint in an integrated way.

On the other hand, Ence participates by generating renewable energy in its biofactories and power plants, while promoting the self-consumption of renewable energy generated in its own facilities and improving its energy efficiency. Thus, and thanks to the renewable energy generated by Ence in 2020, the emission of some 677,000 tons of CO2 has been avoided.

In addition to actively contributing to the mitigation of climate change with the aforementioned actions, Ence, like the rest of the forestry industry in our country, plays a fundamental role in achieving neutrality in Spain. This is so thanks to the carbon capture and storage function performed by forest plantations, acting as important sinks.

In this sense, and according to calculations by the Spanish Association of Pulp, Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers (ASPAPEL), in 2019 the amount of carbon stored in plantations destined for the paper sector amounted to 12.7 million tons, that is, more than 46.5 million tons of CO2 equivalent.

For all these reasons, Ence considers that its contribution to the #PorElClima community is one more step in its strategy to prioritize sustainability and fight against climate change, for which the union of actors at all levels and a clear commitment from performance, which the company demonstrates with concrete actions and advances that benefit society as a whole.