Ence joins the Ibex Gender Equality

Ence – Energía y Celulosa has been incorporated into the Ibex Gender Equality, the first index that measures the presence of women in managerial positions in Spanish companies and, thus, the status of gender equality in them. Thus, the company is among the 30 Spanish companies that stand out the most in terms of equality.

The Ibex Gender Equality is made up of those listed securities that, being components of the General Index of the Madrid Stock Exchange (IGBM), have a presence of women on the Board of Directors between 25% and 75% and a presence of women in senior management between 15% and 85%.

In Ence’s case, the presence of women on the Board of Directors has increased from 7% in 2017 to 29% in 2020, reaching 60% on the Audit Committee, also chaired by a woman. In the case of the group’s senior management, the female presence represents 22%.

Ence Equality Plan

Ence has an ambitious Equality Plan in place, renewed this year for the period 2021-2023, thanks to which it has managed to increase the presence of women in its workforce by almost 9% compared to 2019, tripling the percentage of women employed in the industry manufacturing in Spain.

Through this Plan, the company is committed to ensuring internal equity in equivalent positions between the sexes and to increasing the representation of women within its human team. Throughout 2020, the company maintained 53% representation of women among workers aged 30 or under with a university degree. The figures have been growing since 2015, when it stood at 32%. Continuing in this upward line is a priority for Ence, which wants to attract female talent and maintain equity within the organization.

To this end, measures are also applied to avoid biases in promotion processes and to ensure equitable representation of women in training activities. In the same way, in the selection processes the female presence is enhanced, with at least one woman in the final shortlist of all the processes.

Among the company’s challenges is that 60% of external hires are women. The Plan also seeks to promote a rational balance between professional and personal life, with measures aimed at labor flexibility. Also, the support of an equitable enjoyment of leave for the birth of children, regardless of sex.

Another objective is to ensure visibility and monitor compliance with the objectives set through the Technical Equality Commission.

Through these initiatives, Ence wants to become a benchmark for equality and continue promoting talent and the generation of sustainable employment and wealth in the environments in which it operates.