Ence is positioned as a benchmark for equality in the industrial sector

The representation of women in Ence’s workforce is 21%, which makes the company a benchmark in the Spanish manufacturing industry where women represent 7.2% of workers.

At the end of 2018, Ence launched an Equality Plan with the objective of reducing the salary difference and increasing the representation of women in staff. The company presented Equality Objectives for the 2019-2020 period, which includes ten measures that are directly related to issues such as professional development, selection processes or conciliation measures.

At present, after having passed the year of life, the great success of the Equality Plan has been evident. By the end of 2019, the weight of women in the workforce had increased by 11%, from 13% of the total in 2015 to the current 22%.

Another important fact is that, in the group of workers with university degrees 30 years of age or younger, women represent more than 70%.

One of them is Jennifer Menéndez, Junior Process Engineer at the Navia biofactory. When asked about the position of women in the industrial sector, he replies with sincerity: “Although more and more women are seen in the industrial sector, the reality is that men remain the majority. In addition, the issue of motherhood in many companies is still seen as a problem that closes doors for women.

However, the reality in the company is totally different, since «Ence can be considered a benchmark in terms of equality for other companies, especially because of the flexible hours that allow reconciling professional and personal life, especially for mothers and fathers with children under 12 years old, ”says Maryam Abounaim, Junior Process Engineer at the Navia Biofactory.

Comparing with other promotion partners who hold similar positions in other companies, Laura Rojo, Product Development Technician at the Pontevedra Biofactory, does not hesitate to state that “there is a lot of awareness among Ence’s male staff regarding what they tell me my old companions, who are often questioned by the simple fact of being women ». Likewise, this young chemical engineer considers that “there is a great job on the part of Ence in the integration of women, since I have always been treated in the same way as my male colleagues. In addition, more and more women are seen occupying positions that traditionally only men did. »

In fact, 30% of the company’s management personnel are women, highlighting their presence in areas such as the general secretariat of the management committee, the production management or the human capital management.

All of them predict a positive future for women in the industrial sector, taking into account the achievements made in terms of equality. «I think that women are increasingly interested in this area and we welcome the potential that it contains. Therefore, I believe that women have a good future in the sector, although we must continue making progress in this line to achieve full equality, ”said Maryam Abounaim.

Equal opportunities are one of the fundamental ethical pillars of Ence. Despite not having been fully achieved yet, the company is on the right track to achieve it, since thanks to the measures implemented it has managed to position itself as one of the best companies in its sector in terms of equality.