Ence invests 5.5 million euros in more than 30 digital transformation projects

For Ence, digital technologies and innovation are a key part of its business model. Through digital transformation, the company is moving towards the goal of becoming an Industry 4.0, a process that includes more than 30 different projects, which in 2019 have involved a joint investment of 5.5 million euros. Thus, it is possible to increase the safety of the human team and its collaborators, the operational efficiency and excellence of the operations, as well as the firm commitment to the sustainability of the environment.

The Information Technology and Innovation Department has been in charge of addressing this transformation process in recent years, developing and implementing improvement projects in four different areas: industrial processes, management processes, cybersecurity of operations and innovation.

The company maintains a large number of initiatives underway to continue progressing in the digital environment. Predictive monitoring of equipment and facilities, the use of artificial intelligence, security systems in biofactories and forests, real-time monitoring, predictive models to improve environmental behavior and digital tools in forestry stand out.

In this sense, the General Director of the Ence Supply Chain, Álvaro Eza, highlights that “digitization has allowed us to reduce process times and make information available and accessible to all. We have equipped ourselves with mobility systems, and now 50% of our forestry operations work with online mobility systems, in the bush and on farms. We even have algorithms that predict possible accidents in forestry operations. ”

This digitization process has been possible, to a large extent, thanks to collaboration with companies and organizations that complement internal capabilities. Technology companies, entrepreneurs and startups, public institutions, participation in programs and funds for financing digital solutions and innovation are some of the examples of agreements and collaborations. Also making up a fundamental part are all the people who are part of the company’s human team, who have managed to adapt to a change that implies training and knowledge of the use of new technologies and ways of working, thus making Ence become a benchmark of business digital transformation in Spain.