Ence in Huelva, one of the most advanced renewable energy complexes in Spain

The Ence industrial complex in Huelva has become one of the most advanced renewable energy complexes in Spain, it has three biomass power generation plants with the capacity to produce 1,027,500 MWh / year, a solar plant for self-consumption that increases its energy efficiency with about 1,500 MWh / year, and now a project in its early stages of development to incorporate another solar plant into Huelva’s facilities with the capacity to export more than 17,000 additional MWh / year to the grid.

Currently, Huelva has 137 MW of installed capacity with biomass, representing almost 45% of Ence’s energy capacity in its 10 independent power plants, capable of supplying all the annual electricity needs of 566,000 homes.

Ence’s strategic commitment to Huelva and the investment plan for Huelva’s facilities are aimed at consolidating the operations center as an international benchmark in the production of electrical energy from biomass and other renewables.

In the last 4 years, Ence has allocated more than 25 million euros to the modernization and environmental improvement of Huelva and its adaptation for the development of energy projects. In total, since the construction of the first independent biomass plant in Huelva developed in 2012 with 50 MW, Ence has invested more than 300 million euros in what is already the most important and advanced biomass generation complex in Spain, a Clear example of qualified employment and cutting-edge technology, capable of minimizing environmental impact.

The Huelva complex is also an example of responsible management. Since 2016, the multiple works oriented to the modernization and environmental improvement of the facilities coexist in Huelva with the new projects to expand their energy capacity and with the usual tasks of operation for the production of biomass energy in their operating plants. All this involves coordinating operations and work teams with very different tasks, guaranteeing as a priority the safety of people and facilities, as well as environmental respect, the three pillars of the company’s sustainable management.