Ence has already closed sales agreements for all its 2023 pulp production

Ence has already closed sales agreements for approximately one million tons of pulp for this year 2023, which means covering the maximum production of the company’s biofactories for this year.

Mainly, the sales agreements reached are destined for the European market, in which Ence has significant competitive logistical and customer service advantages. Through these operations, the company manages to increase its market share in the continent, and improve its positioning in key and growing segments. Such is the case of tissue, specialties and packaging, segments that represent close to 90% of contracted sales.

In this sense, the weight of sales of special products is notable, as they provide added value in a highly competitive market. Sales of these products, encompassed under the “Ence Advanced” brand, represent 20 percent of the total committed, and pose a potential additional growth of 10%, currently under approval, throughout the year. It treats of special cellulose destined to multitude of applications that allow the substitution of long fiber by short fiber; and from synthetic fibers, such as plastics, to fibers of natural origin from wood, which make it possible to contribute to progress towards the circular bioeconomy.

In this way, Ence achieves a reference position in a market in which the world demand for paper has experienced significant growth, accumulated since 2021.

On the other hand, the sales agreements closed for this year show an increase in the company’s capillarity, with a 12% increase in small and medium-sized clients.

Ence’s pulp is in demand for its high quality, highly recognized in the sector, as well as for the flexibility in its production, which allows greater adaptation to the needs of paper companies.
Ence is an international benchmark in the eco-efficient production of cellulose with the highest environmental standards. Its production is endorsed by the ecological label of the European Union and by the prestigious Nordic Swan ecological label of the Nordic countries.