Ence establishes itself as a benchmark for occupational health and safety

The safety and health of all people related to Ence’s activity are a priority for the company, established as a national benchmark in this regard. In fact, Ence’s frequency rates are well below the sector references in Spain, both in the case of cellulose biofactories and renewable energy plants with biomass managed through its subsidiary, Magnon Green Energy.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) commemorates today the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. The purpose of this event is to promote the prevention of workplace accidents and occupational diseases throughout the world, a purpose with which Ence is fully aligned, promoting safety as an integrated element in the activity of its entire human team.

The results support the efforts of Ence professionals to promote safety and health at work. Thus, the Pulp business, which includes the Navia and Pontevedra biofactories, presents the best indicators in its sector in Europe.

The plants managed by Magnon Green Energy also stand out for their outstanding results: they completed 2021 with zero accidents with sick leave for their own and external personnel.

In addition, all Ence’s industrial facilities have certified their safety management systems in accordance with the ISO 45001 standard, and improvements are continuously developed to continue advancing in the protection of people. Also, last year the implementation of the risk prevention system Process Safety Management (PSM).

Two examples of this continuous innovation are the modernization of felling tools and the use of distance meters in the company’s forestry operations; and the implementation in the Huelva energy complex of a digital system to avoid abuses.

Finally, and within the context of the health crisis derived from the global pandemic by Covid-19, Ence has prioritized the safety and health of the entire Ence family at all times. The evolution of the pandemic is followed periodically by the company, which continuously updates the defense and protection protocols against the virus.

Ence’s commitment to people’s health and safety is one of the company’s principles of action. Security, understood and managed in this way, allows all the people who collaborate at Ence to develop in a secure environment, and also represents a factor of competitiveness for the company.