Ence Energía’s renewable energy plants consolidated their excellence in safety in 2021

The safety and health of all people is the first priority for Ence Energía, which is consolidated as a benchmark thanks to the results obtained in 2021. The company has ended the year with zero accidents with sick leave in its own and external personnel, and zero infections by coronavirus in all its plants, which is a milestone in health and safety for both the company and the sector.

The company, with a frequency index of 0, is below the reference in Spain for the sector -6.17 accidents with sick leave for every million hours worked-. These results demonstrate the success of the model that Ence applies in all its plants for proper operation and legal compliance.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the involvement of all workers is necessary. Likewise, the company has a series of management tools, such as training prior to accessing the facilities, carrying out audits -both internal and external- focused on continuous improvement and the detection of safe conditions, as well as internal measures for the security reinforcement.

The commitment, professionalism and work of all the company’s employees have served to continue advancing and obtain the renewal of the ISO 45001 certification, achieved in 2020 in all its plants. It is one of the international standards for the management of occupational health and safety systems, aimed at protecting workers and visitors from accidents and occupational diseases.

In addition, within the context of the health crisis derived from the global Covid-19 pandemic, Ence Energía has maintained and reinforced the strict measures of its security protocol, launched in February 2020, adapting it continuously depending on the evolution of the pandemic.
Among the measures adopted are actions such as social distancing, the use of FPP2 masks, ventilation and air renewal, the study of the capacity in each workspace, telematic meetings, periodic disinfection, screening through the detection test and the provision of health resources and plans for the management of potential emergencies.

Ence Energía conceives safety as an integral element of its way of working. In addition, the company not only aims to protect the health and safety of its employees, but of all the people with whom it works, including contractors who provide services. Thus, safety at Ence Energía forms part of its essential management variables and is one of the pillars that support its commitment to people, allowing them to develop in a safe environment, minimizing accidents and incidents, and being one of the most relevant factors of competitiveness for the company.