Ence Energía recovered more than 53,000 tons of wine waste in 2021 thanks to the Sarmiento Project

In 2021, Ence Energía recovered more than 53,000 tons of wine waste through the Sarmiento Project. Thanks to this initiative, the company provides a sustainable solution to the management of pruning remains in the region of Castilla – La Mancha, using them as a source of renewable energy.

Ence Energía launched this project in 2018, with which it has developed logistics networks and pioneering methods for taking advantage of the pruning of vine crops. In the last year, this project has improved its results by 23% compared to the previous campaign. An exponential growth with which it is expected to continue, improving collection data by up to 50% in 2022.

The Sarmiento Project, through the use of remains from vine pruning and vine uprooting to produce renewable and manageable energy, generates a beneficial environmental impact in the area, since it reduces the diffuse emissions produced by the uncontrolled burning of these remains in the field.

With the collaboration of 45 companies from more than 40 Castilian-La Mancha municipalities, this project has created 150 direct jobs in 2021, all in rural areas where depopulation and the phenomenon known as “Empty Spain” have become a socioeconomic problem. Ence Energía’s commitment to the generation of renewable energy with biomass thus has a clear impact on the regions in which its facilities are built, both economically – with sustainable and quality employment – ​​and environmentally.

The recovery process of this surplus biomass has been carried out in the plant that the company has in the Ciudad Real town of Puertollano. Biollano 50MW, inaugurated at the beginning of 2020, is a clear example of a fair transition towards a low-carbon energy model, in line with Ence Energía’s firm commitment to excellence in sustainability in all its activities. These facilities are located in the old Elcogás plant, which made it possible to maintain employment in the town through an activity that contributes to the decarbonisation of the national electricity system.

Ence Energía’s commitment to the community and the environment of its plants is firm. Proof of this is the recent collaboration agreement that the company has signed with the Puertollano City Council, with which it collaborates in the socio-environmental improvement and development of the town through projects that support the fight against social exclusion, promote culture, education and sports, promote the recovery and care of the environment and promote entrepreneurship and innovation.