Ence Energía is, from today, Magnon Green Energy

Ence Energía, the renewable energy subsidiary of Ence – Energía y Celulosa, is from today Magnon Green Energy.

A new name and a new visual identity with which Ence seeks to make visible the weight that the Energy business already has in the group, as well as the prominent role that this company is called to occupy in the energy landscape.

This step forward reinforces the prominence that Ence wants to give to energy, which was already evident last January, with the arrival of Marc Gomez, CEO of Ence Energy and, henceforth, CEO of Magnon Green Energy.

Thus, the subsidiary of Ence Energy seeks to continue advancing towards its ambitious goals to generate value, both in renewable energy generation with photovoltaic and biomass (technology in which Magnon Green Energy is a leader in Spain), and through solutions and cutting-edge developments that contribute to decarbonization (energy management, storage, biofuel, biogas …).

In the words of Marc Gómez, “Magnon Green Energy embodies our commitment to a future in which energy and technology build sustainability. We want to provide safe, clean solutions for the system, capable of helping the just energy transition. At the same time, we want to continue to spearhead the promotion and structuring of rural areas. We have much to do and much to say. We are embarking on this challenge with enthusiasm and excitement”.

For his part, the president of Ence – Energía y Celulosa, Ignacio Colmenares, stressed that “Magnon Green Energy reflects Ence’s firm commitment to renewable energy, one of the main keys to the new sustainable economy. We believe in the circular bioeconomy, we believe in the energy transition and, therefore, we have decided to give a plus of visibility and emancipate our Energy brand, thus reinforcing its own personality within the Spanish energy sector.

A vision that Ence – Energía y Celulosa shares with its minority partner in Magnon Green Energy, Ancala Partners.

In fact, Ence has big plans for the future for Magnon Green Energy, which it is confident will be reflected in the overall results of the group, which will continue to include both the Pulp and Renewable Energy businesses.