Ence Energía and the Puertollano City Council will collaborate to contribute to socio-environmental improvement and the development of the municipality

Ence Energía and the Puertollano City Council have signed, this morning, the first Collaboration Agreement between the energy company and the Ciudad Real municipality, thanks to which projects that affect socio-environmental improvement and the development of the locality can be developed. The agreement has been signed by Marc Gómez, CEO of Ence Energía, and Adolfo Muñiz, Mayor of Puertollano.

Thanks to this agreement, both entities will promote projects of a different nature, which support the fight against social exclusion, promote culture, education and sports, promote the recovery and care of the environment and promote Puerto Rican entrepreneurship and innovation.

With an economic endowment amounting to 15,000 euros, the collaboration agreement will last for one year, with the possibility of annual renewal.

For Ence Energía, the materialization of this agreement confirms the company’s firm commitment to Puertollano and its socioeconomic development. A commitment that was already evident in 2020 with the commissioning of Biollano 50MW, a facility that contributes to maintaining quality industrial employment in the area, promoting the revitalization of the economy and favoring the decarbonisation of the Spanish electricity system, in which represents a clear example of just energy transition.

Along these lines, Marc Gómez, CEO of Ence Energía, pointed out that “the cooperation between Ence Energía and the town of Puertollano is part of the company’s firm commitment to this municipality and to Castilla-La Mancha. For the company, helping to promote its growth through sustainable activities is a key element in consolidating our future in Castilla-La Mancha and being able to continue working together in the development of this community”.

For his part, Adolfo Muñiz, Mayor of Puertollano, wanted to thank “Ence Energía’s involvement in actions that demonstrate its social commitment to our city and to environmental improvement. The agreement signed with Ence Energía will undoubtedly serve to promote projects that will contribute to raising the quality of municipal services and, ultimately, our quality of life”. In this sense, Muñiz has highly valued the contribution of this company to environmental sustainability and the fight against social exclusion.

Ence Energía has always been committed to the environment and the communities at the sites of its renewable energy generation plants. Caring for the environment, revitalizing the economy in rural areas and generating sustainable and quality employment are priority lines of action for the company. Through sustainable activities, Ence Energía seeks to add value to the areas in which it operates, becoming a main player in their socioeconomic and environmental growth.