Ence is one of the main European producers of eucalyptus pulp, the most important Spanish company in the production of renewable energy using forest biomass and the leader in Spain for the comprehensive and responsible management of forest areas and resources.

160328 Presentación Corporativa Ence ENGTo achieve this, we are constantly seeking to provide efficient and competitive solutions to our customers' needs, based on the company's technical and service capabilities, the high quality of our products, as well as our proximity to the customer and excellence in logistics.

We are committed to developing a strong and sustainable forestry industry; as such we promote forest certification and the best management practices as a means of generating economic development, especially in rural areas.

Furthermore, our model of making comprehensive use of the tree and being leaders in the development of forest resources allows us to increase our production of renewable energy from forest biomass, contributing to the fight against climate change and the improvement and sustainability of the environment.

With the commitment and involvement of everyone in the company, Ence aspires to be a global leader in the total and sustainable use of forest resources, constantly generating returns for its shareholders, the best service for its customers, and employment and wealth in the areas where it operates.

Committed to economic development, employment and the environment

Ence has over 830 employees and generates about 8,000 jobs in Spain, of which around 60% are related to forest management and are located in rural areas. Ence therefore provides an important structuring effect for the region, contributing to the creation of income and preventing populations from immigrating to urban areas.
The company manages forest areas on the basis of the most demanding internationally-recognised sustainability and corporate responsibility criteria. As a result, Ence has been a pioneer in running certification projects in Spain, not only for its own forest areas, but also extending this policy to its immediate environment to promote the certification of the areas owned by its partners and collaborators.

Ence has a production capacity of more than 950,000 tons per year of high quality eucalyptus pulp through its plants in Navia (Asturias) and Pontevedra, where it implements technologies that best protect the environment and processes for ongoing improvement to strengthen its competitiveness and quality. This has enabled the group to export over 85% of its pulp production, using an advanced logistics system, to Europe where the most demanding world market customers are found.

Moreover, Ence is Spain's leading producer of renewable energy using biomass, with an installed power of 220 MW in biomass.

Ence is, in short, a company that turns the cultivation of eucalyptus into an employment-generating and environmentally-friendly industry, while also providing essential products for our society: natural pulp and renewable energy.


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