Ence donates the eucalyptus wood to build the palisades of the traditional capeas of San Juan del Puerto

After two years without being able to celebrate the patron saint festivities, San Juan del Puerto is already finalizing the assembly of the street fences with the eucalyptus wood donated one more year by Ence, thus announcing the proximity of the traditional bull run and the capeas with heifers of this town Huelva. This is a historic collaboration between the company and San Juan, within its policy of sustainability and social commitment to the communities surrounding its activities.

The installation of the palisades announces the proximity of the local festivities of this town with which the company has maintained a close line of collaboration for more than 30 years. ‘Los palos’, as the eucalyptus trunks donated by the company are known locally, modify the usual appearance of San Juan del Puerto and allow the unique running of the bulls to be held safely.

In the next few days, on the occasion of the celebration of the day of San Juan, patron saint of this Huelva town, the citizens of San Juan del Puerto, as well as thousands of visitors from all over the province, will gather in the town to enjoy this tradition dating back to the seventeenth century.

To make it possible, technicians from Ence’s forestry area have coordinated with technicians from the San Juan Town Hall to choose and fell the eucalyptus trunks that meet the most appropriate diameter and length conditions to build the palisades. It is a special ‘harvest’ that Ence has selflessly developed for yet another year within the framework of its commitment to the local traditions and interests of the populations that coexist with its energy and forestry activity.

Ence, through its renewable energy subsidiary Magnon Green Energy, has a reference energy complex in Europe in Huelva, which houses 3 electricity generation plants from biomass that add up to 137 MW of installed power, enough to cover the electricity needs of a population with more than 800,000 inhabitants.