Ence develops its annual technical stop in Huelva between strict security measures against Covid-19

Until the end of this month, the Ence energy complex in Huelva develops its annual technical shutdown, in which important measures are applied to guarantee safety and minimize the risk of contagion against Covid-19. To the usual added effort made to guarantee the safety of workers in this important periodic operation, a specific protocol against coronavirus is added this year, which includes measures such as conducting a screening test for all people in contracted companies and exhaustive planning of the works in watertight sectors delimited by colors.

Specifically, up to five sectors have been defined within the facilities with identifying colors and individual limits of maximum confluence of people, which coincide with the main planned maintenance and improvement works. Within these bubbles, everything necessary for the development of the tasks has been enabled, such as security booths, provisioning of equipment and cleaning or rest areas, to prevent the departure of workers. Only a small number of people with transversal responsibilities can access from one area to another.

To access the industrial complex, in addition to undergoing the Covid-19 screening test – as all Ence staff who rejoin teleworking has already done – people have also had to train and demonstrate knowledge of the demanding protocol implemented by the company against the coronavirus. In addition, surveillance is extreme with daily audits of compliance with all the requirements: taking temperature at each access to the complex, observing the distance between people, permanent use of a mask and constant sanitation of work areas, both indoors and outdoors.

The objective is to guarantee the excellent levels of security achieved in recent years, now including the maximum protection against the pandemic to avoid any risk of contagion. Safety is the highest priority for the company.

In total, almost 500 people from Ence and more than 50 auxiliary companies will participate in this technical stop. Up to 247 scheduled works will be carried out for the maintenance of the facilities, and improvements to continue reinforcing their environmental excellence, as well as their efficiency and reliability.