Ence contributes to the practice of safe sports in the municipality of Navia

Ence, within its commitment to the communities in the environments in which it operates, has contributed in Navia to the improvement of several municipal sports facilities. The objective of the actions has been to adapt several football fields to current safety regulations, acting on the perimeter walls of the playing fields and thus guaranteeing the practice of a safe sport in the council.

Specifically, the action has focused on the replacement of fencing in the fields of Navia, Andés and Puerto de Vega, in which the City Council had previously removed the existing walls. In this way, the playing fields have been adapted to the regulations, allowing greater distance from the barriers and thus minimizing the risk of accidents.

The action is part of the Collaboration Agreement sealed between Ence and the Navia City Council, and which was renewed last July, thus reaffirming the company’s support for the municipality’s sporting, cultural and social activities.

The Sports Councilor of the Navia City Council, Nacho Blanco, has pointed out that the action in the municipal soccer fields in pursuit of safer conditions for the players “was a priority in our objectives, framed in a plan to improve security in all our facilities ”. Thus, the councilor thanks the municipal workers for their work, and Ence for their contribution: “It would not have been possible without the participation of Ence, which has been one hundred percent involved when we talk about athlete safety, not haggling efforts since it is about of one of the most justified and necessary works ”.

Within this same line of promoting local sport, Ence has contributed to the renovation of the Andés field tribune, as well as the rehabilitation of the stands of the Los Castros facilities, in the neighboring council of Coaña, thanks to the collaboration with this Consistory.

Commitment to the environment in which the biofactories are located is one of Ence’s highest priorities, and is one of the pillars of the company’s Sustainability Master Plan. Ence contributes to the economic and social development of the communities in which it operates, through the generation of direct and indirect employment at the local level and the implementation of social projects and the promotion of sports and cultural activity.