Ence contributes to maintaining the supply of renewable energy during the passage of the storm and the cold wave

Ence, through the generation of renewable energy with biomass, contributes during the winter to support the increase in electricity demand in Spain, providing the national system with manageable energy and without raising the price of electricity bills for homes.

With a total installed capacity of 266 MW in its power plants, the company is capable of supplying half a million homes from a renewable source, of natural and local origin, such as agroforestry biomass.

According to official data provided by the electricity system operator, peninsular demand during the past week, from the 4th to the 10th, increased by 15.05% with respect to the previous one, being 5.48% higher than that of the same week last year. This increase in demand has coincided with the arrival in the Iberian Peninsula of the storm “Filomena” and the subsequent cold wave, which has generated heavy snowfalls and frosts in the territory.

Renewable energies have had an important weight in this period, generating 47.4% of the total electricity, and 72.4% of the production was free of CO2 emissions. Renewables to lower the price of the electricity bill of homes, compared to other generation technologies, more expensive, which explain the rise that the electricity bill has experienced in recent days.

With an annual production capacity of 1,700 GWh, it mainly has a biomass from agroforestry. One of its advantages is based on its manageable nature: it is the only renewable technology that can be managed independently of the weather, which makes it a strategic factor for sustaining supply, and therefore essential in the necessary transition fair towards a decarbonized energy model.

The company has operated its renewable energy plants normally despite the difficulties created by the storm, thanks to the supply of local biomass and its commitment to the communities where it operates.

In addition, in its cellulose biofactories in Navia and Pontevedra Ence generates renewable energy from biomass and lignin, with an installed power of 111 MW and an annual production capacity of 900 GWh, which makes them self-sufficient, contributing to the electricity grid surplus production.

Ence is the leading company in Spain in the production of renewable energy with forest and agricultural biomass. An energy that has many benefits, given its ability to create jobs, develop rural areas and contribute to improving the environment.