Ence continues to strengthen its measures against Covid-19

Ence Energía y Celulosa, as a pioneer organization in the Spanish industrial field in the implementation of action protocols against Covid-19, continues to implement measures that guarantee the health of its entire human team in this health crisis. The acquisition of special anti-fog goggles, new interpersonal communication equipment to avoid risky situations, and the obligation to wear a FFP2 type mask to access its facilities are some of the latest measures applied by the company, which maintains security and people’s well-being as an absolute priority in its management.

Since February 2020, anticipating the situation, Ence has taken measures against the pandemic and has allocated 7.6 million euros to expenses and 1.3 million to investments directly related to Covid-19, making a total of almost 9 million euros.

Among the expenses, the acquisition and application of virus detection tests (up to 2,600 tests a week), masks, individual protection elements, or gels, among others. Also included are the special cleanings carried out in the work centers, and the reinforcement of the workforce to face the situations generated by the pandemic.

In the investment chapter, it is worth highlighting the adaptation of the ventilation systems of all the company’s centers and offices, to guarantee the safety of the workspaces, as well as the installation of all kinds of furniture, such as partitions and screens. It also includes the digitization of processes, to avoid interpersonal contact, and the implementation of teleworking, which has allowed to guarantee the continuity of the company’s activity, minimizing the risk of contagion.

One of the most outstanding innovations, and in which Ence has been a reference in the Spanish industry, is the implementation of a digital tool, called “Covid Passport”, which allows automating the secure access of people to work centers. This application processes a questionnaire together with the tests performed on each person before accessing Ence’s facilities, giving the green light only to those that comply with all the guarantees.

The company continues to anticipate the analysis of all risks derived from the virus and to implement preventive measures prematurely, thereby seeking the protection of the human team and their families, against any other criteria. All this from the hand of a multidisciplinary team of expert advisors, who offer support in technical decision-making.

Currently, Ence’s human team maintains strict security measures to be able to carry out their work without risk of contagion, such as temperature controls at the entrance of the facilities, disinfection of spaces, a minimum distance of 2 meters between workers, wearing a face shield, mask and gloves in proximity jobs or make shift changes electronically.

In the same way, Ence maintains teleworking for those people whose professional work allows it, in order to reduce the traffic of people and ensure the production of cellulose and energy. A modality that is developed following the active protocols.

Safety, at Ence, is part of the essential management variables of the company and is one of the pillars that underpin its commitment to sustainability, in order to contribute to improving people’s well-being, promoting economic and social development of the communities in which it is present and create sustainable value over time.