Ence categorically denies having breached its Integrated Environmental Authorization

Ence categorically denies breaching its Integrated Environmental Authorization (AAI) in any way nor, of course, be using fuels or any other product incompatible with such Authorization, whose grant endorses and guarantees, precisely, that the environmental performance of the plant fully complies with all regional environmental regulations.

The false accusations of the Pola Defensa da Ría Association (APDR) against the company’s bio-factory in Lourizán have the obvious intention of generating social alarm and damaging the reputation of a plant that, on the contrary, comfortably complies with all current regulations (European, state and autonomous). In fact, this plant has outstanding international environmental recognitions, such as the Gold Award of the European Commission and the Nordic Swan eco-label, official ecological seal of the Scandinavian governments.

The company scrupulously complies with all environmental regulations, including -as it could not be otherwise- ministerial order APM / 205/2018, of February 22, which regulates the use of processed oil as fuel. The activity of this biofactory also constitutes a clear exponent of circular economy, in such a way that the plant reuses and confers a new value on the materials and resources it uses to operate, both from the productive and energy point of view. In this same line, the company also requires all its suppliers to certify that they meet the requirements established by the aforementioned order.

Ence carries out a rigorous control of all its emission sources, which are monitored once per second by gauges calibrated by an accredited company, in accordance with the UNE-EN 14181 standard. In addition, to control the air quality in the surroundings from the biofactory, there is a booth of the Xunta de Galicia – whose data are available on the Administration’s website – located in Campolongo. Additionally, Ence has two cabins of its own to reinforce the control of air quality.

This accusation by the APDR against the biofactory of Ence in Pontevedra adds other attacks of this association that, in its eagerness to harm this plant and the more than 5,000 jobs linked to it, does not hesitate to resort to fear and scam.

Finally, before the torticeras and unjust lies launched by the APDR against the biofactory, the company warns that it will undertake the appropriate legal measures in its defense.