Ence and the pulp sector agree to promote a green recovery in Europe, after the crisis created by COVID-19

Ence, as a member company of the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI), strongly subscribes to and supports the European Alliance for a Green Recovery. It is a joint commitment to promote green and sustainable solutions in the European Union’s strategy for recovery from the coronavirus health crisis.

Climate change and the defense of biodiversity are the pillars of the policies that this alliance intends to promote and implement in the community territory. The signatories of the manifesto undertake to participate in the fight and in the victory of these two simultaneous battles: health and climate.

The pulp and paper sector is decisively involved in driving environmental excellence, the bioeconomy and sustainable growth. CEPI, and its members across Europe, including Ence, strongly support this European Alliance for Green Recovery.

The initiative has been presented by Pascal Canfin, President of the Environment Committee of the European Parliament. Its manifesto is backed by 180 political leaders, managers of large multinationals, unions, NGOs and experts.

All of them have agreed to work together to create, support and implement investments that allow economic recovery after the crisis caused by the pandemic, while maintaining the fight against climate change as a key pillar of the European Union’s economic strategy. The mobilization of green investment packages is intended to “prepare our economies for the world of tomorrow”, as stated in the manifesto.

The search for a carbon neutral society and the advance towards a just ecological transition are a fundamental axis of the business model of Ence, a company firmly committed to the fight against climate change.

The company is also immersed in the health, economic and social challenge posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to its activity, Ence maintains the supply of cellulose for the production of hygienic and sanitary materials, as well as energy, to serve homes and medical and healthcare centers.

To guarantee its continuity, both Ence’s bio-factories in Pontevedra and Navia (Asturias) and the company’s different renewable energy plants continue to operate, taking extreme measures to prevent any risk of contagion among its workers.