Ence and the City Council of Navia sign the renewal of their Collaboration Agreement, which promotes employment and social development in the area

The General Director of Cellulose of Ence, Jordi Aguiló, and the director of the Navia biofactory, Luis Claudio Zynger, have signed this morning, together with the Mayor of Navia, Ignacio García Palacios, the renewal for three more years of the Agreement of Collaboration between the company and the local Administration. Ence reiterates, in this way, its commitment to the promotion and social development of the area, by actively contributing to the cultural and sports activity of the municipality and in terms of employment.

The agreement provides for conditions similar to those of the Convention signed in July 2017. The now extended document includes as main objectives to promote job creation and environmental improvement, as well as cultural development and well-being for the citizens of the environment. the Navia biofactory.

In these three years, the residents of Navia in the staff of the biofactory have increased by 45 people, to a total of 138 in this 2020. If we take into account the employees of councils in the nearest environment, such as Coaña and Villayón, the figure has increased from 168 to 203 workers. Together, they account for 46 percent of the human team that performs their professional work every day at the Ence plant in Navia.

The Ence biofactory in Navia is also an important center for professional development for young people in the region. Every year, on average, ten young residents of Navia do internships in the company to complete their studies, whether related to Vocational Training, or university training, through the Talent Program.

Ence undertook in the Agreement, in the same way, to give priority to the suppliers based in the region. In this sense, the biofactory makes annual purchases from Western suppliers that reach, on average, 3.5 million euros a year. In addition, numerous companies and freelancers based in Navia and nearby municipalities are common in the various jobs required by the plant activity.

In addition, since the signing of the Agreement, Ence contributes annually with a sum of 100,000 euros for the promotion of events and initiatives of a social, cultural and sporting nature. Since July 2017 and until today, this support has reached 15 sports clubs and 12 cultural or social associations. Ence has contributed to the celebration, in these three years, of more than 30 sporting events in Navia, as well as 35 cultural, social and festive events.

In addition, this annual contribution has made it possible to collaborate with municipal initiatives, such as the improvement of El Pardo’s sports facilities, or the revitalization of local business, through the campaign currently underway to promote trade and hospitality. Navia in recovery after the health crisis.