Ence and San Juan del Puerto open the deadline for receiving projects within the Framework Agreement between entities

Social groups, companies and San Juan professionals who need financial support for their projects can apply for the aid contemplated in the Framework Agreement signed between Ence and the San Juan del Puerto consistory, worth 100,000 euros per year. Until July 19, they can present their proposals in the municipal registry.

After formalizing the novation of the agreement last April, by which Ence released the first half of the money making it available to the City Council to strengthen its response to Covid-19, the term of the public call to receive is now open. the proposals and citizen projects to which the rest of the aid will be awarded, worth 50,000 euros.

The Agreement Monitoring Committee, made up of equal parts by municipal representatives and Ence representatives, has also agreed, in an extraordinary way, that this year projects whose objective is to meet the needs caused by Covid-19 will have priority, so that the activity of the beneficiary entity or person, the social and economic interest of your project and the maintenance of employment in the locality are guaranteed.

In the framework of Ence’s Sustainability policy and the City Council’s commitment to its citizens, this Collaboration Agreement constitutes a line of aid, sponsorship and other means of financing for the carrying out of activities, projects, studies and research that result in improvement of the quality of life of sanjuaneros and their environment.

Natural and legal persons who carry out their activities in the municipality of San Juan del Puerto and who are legally constituted and up to date with all their tax obligations may apply for these grants. The bases are available on the corporate channels of the City of San Juan del Puerto.

The collaboration agreement between Ence and San Juan del Puerto is endowed with 100,000 euros per year to promote initiatives presented by citizen groups that contribute to employment, environmental improvement, and the quality and improvement of the living conditions of the inhabitants of San Juan . In 2019, almost 5,300 people from twenty-one different groups in San Juan del Puerto were the direct beneficiaries of the agreement.