Ence and LC Paper donate medical supplies to Asturias to support the fight against the coronavirus

Ence and LC Paper have donated two trucks of sanitary material, produced with cellulose from Ence’s bio-factories, which will be made available to various public hospitals in Asturias. This is a contribution from both companies to the Health Service of the Principality of Asturias (Sespa) to support the fight against Covid-19.

Through the collaboration between Ence and LC Paper – a producer of tissue paper with a factory in Gerona – paper will be provided for sanitary and hygienic use. The material will be delivered to the Provisional Hospital located in the Luis Adaro fairground in Gijón, and later managed and distributed in the Arriondas, Avilés, Cabueñes, Cangas de Narcea, Huca, Jarrio, Mieres, Monte Naranco, and Valle del Nalón hospitals. field hospital 144.

The material provided is made from Naturcell, a cellulose pulp developed by Ence based on the most demanding and innovative sustainability criteria, its main characteristics being a lower carbon footprint, better use of energy and reduction of water consumption. In addition, the packaging used is cardboard, thus avoiding the use of plastic.

In this way, both companies want to collaborate in the fight against the coronavirus given the importance in this situation of guaranteeing the supply to the citizens and health centers of cellulose products, especially tissue paper, the main destination of Ence cellulose, which plays an important role in the hygienic measures necessary to prevent and combat Covid-19.

For Ence, commitment to the environment is a priority. This is evidenced by the company’s continued collaboration with the communities around its Navia biofactory, through its agreements with local entities.

In this sense, Ence has also allocated funds to defray different actions in support of citizens in the current health crisis situation, and maintains a constant dialogue to identify and support new initiatives to tackle the pandemic.