Ence and Forma-T promote the training of forestry drivers

After the success of the last edition of the course for forest machinists, Ence collaborates once again with the Forma-T Group to promote a new training action in this professional field, in its desire to develop and professionalize the sector, as well as to continue improving the safety and prevention at work.

This course, taught by the Forma-t Group and totally free for students, tries to respond to the high demand that exists in the market for forest harvester and forwarder drivers, a growing profession with a shortage of professionals.

After the great reception obtained by the past courses, this new edition will last 3 months. It will be taught at the Grupo Forma-t facilities in Villalba with a registration deadline of November 26, 2021 and until February 2022.

The students will learn the theoretical foundations for the handling of machinery and its maintenance and will first carry out practices in a state-of-the-art simulator and later in real professional machines.

This training is aimed at any employed or unemployed person interested in starting to work as a forestry engineer, prior experience in processors and forwarders is not necessary, and offers the opportunity to join leading companies in the sector. Those interested can inquire or sign up for the course by calling 9825 13 605 or by visiting the website https://www.grupoforma-t.com/cursos-procesadora-y-autocargador-forestal-ence/