Ence already exceeds one hundred forest owners advised in Asturias within its new service to improve forest management

As part of its commitment to the development of sustainable and responsible forest management, Ence launched a new technical team in Asturias in June last year to collaborate with owners in the application of practices and methods for greater sustainability and productivity of their eucalyptus plantations. In these months, the company’s technical team has already advised more than a hundred owners, on a total area of more than 300 hectares.

Ence started this activity with the main objective of increasing the efficiency of these plantations, without increasing their area, and also increasing their sustainability, thus generating more social, environmental and economic value in rural territories. Among the areas with the greatest deployment of technical advice carried out in 2022, the municipalities of Salas, Castropol and Tapia de Casariego stand out, followed by Navia, Candamo, Valdés, Vegadeo, Pravia or Cudillero, among others.

As a result of the team’s work, the great utility for owners of carrying out a preliminary analysis of the plots they manage before carrying out any forestry operation stands out, as a basis for responsible and efficient management. The most requested advice from Ence’s team of experts is related to the preparation of the land, the ideal type of plant to use in each specific piece of land and the selection of shoots reproduced after cutting. In addition, improvements have been made in aspects such as the application of fertilizers or the size of the planting holes when subsoiling cannot be carried out.

“In this month of March, and with the same free character and without obligation, we will implement a soil analysis in the plots of those who ask us for advice, and, based on the results, we will be able to recommend to each owner the ideal treatment and subscriber to each piece of land”, announces Alejandro Oliveros, Ence’s Director of Forest Management. “We are very satisfied with the reception of this service”, he adds.

Another of the missions of the technical team is the promotion of collaboration between owners so that, without changes in ownership, they establish management units with a larger area, thus overcoming the limitations of the smallholding, which allows an increase in productivity and sustainability. of crops, facilitating their management and reducing the risks of diseases, pests and fires that could spread due to the abandonment of the management of the surrounding farms. In this line of development, Ence works hand in hand with the associations of the sector and the Administration of the Principality, very aware of its importance.

In this way, with the same area of eucalyptus, promoting excellence in its management, it will be possible to achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability of the existing forests, which will mean benefits for the owners and for the whole of society, generating more sustainable forest masses. , with less risk of fires, with higher environmental values and better protection.

Ence offers these services, within the capacity of its new equipment, at no cost to the owner. It is only necessary to request it by calling 900 100 750.

With these new initiatives, the company seeks to transfer its experience and knowledge to the entire sector, with the aim of continuing to promote the decarbonisation of the economy and the development of rural territories, through the supply of products derived from wood, such as cellulose and renewable energy with biomass, of natural origin, renewable and which are the basis of the new circular bioeconomy.