Ence adheres to the Declaración de Barcelona, sponsored by the Grupo Español de Crecimiento Verde to which it belongs


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• Presented as part of Carbon Expo, the most important European exhibition on climate change, the Declaration aims to promote support for Green Growth opportunities in Spain.

May 29, 2015. The Grupo Español de Crecimiento Verde, made up of some of the leading companies in Spain, among which is Ence – Energía y Celulosa, presented the so-called Delaración de Barcelona  during the celebration of the fair Carbon Expo, -the most important meeting on climate change held in Europe, which took place last 25th in Barcelona.

The Grupo Español de Crecimiento Verde is a platform made up of 35 leading Spanish companies, which aims to “convey to society and to the government their views on the economic growth model compatible with the efficient use of natural resources.” Besides Ence Energía y Celulosa, companies such as Abengoa, Acciona, Ecoalf, FactorVerde, Iberdrola, PharmaMar and Telefonica.

The Group has announced the Declaración de Barcelona, which insists that “the global economy needs to evolve towards a low carbon economy.” They must work together citizens, businesses and public administrations. The Declaration also recalled that those economies that lead the transformation to low-carbon production “be the first to seize the opportunities that green growth is already beginning to offer”.

Vice President and CEO of Ence, Ignacio de Colmenares, believes “it is very important to listen to what he says the Declaración de Barcelona, because in view of our future, we must move towards a green economy.” Citing the example of Ence – Energía y Celulosa, Ignacio de Colmenares explains that “the transformation of the former public company that was Ence, with a high environmental impact, at a company that has made environmental excellence a cornerstone of management, It is a journey that requires effort, it forces you to ask yourself how you do things to constantly seek opportunities for environmental improvement. But all this can generate new knowledge and new ways of approaching the market that ultimately are differentiators for the company “.

The Declaration contains a number of recommendations “to translate this potential into growth and jobs”. These include the recognition of the green economy “as a source of economic growth,” the adoption of policies to “decarbonising” energy; “Promote research, innovation and technology as a catalyst for knowledge”, the participation of the financial sector and “review the tax to make it a tool to support green growth.”