Ence, committed with the environment, society, rural areas and the fight against climate change

Forest masses are generators of a wide range of environmental services that benefit society: carbon sequestration, promotion of biodiversity, soil retention, water absorption, improvement of air and water quality, etc. In addition to traditional productions: (wood, biomass, cork, game, pasture, mushrooms…) more and more, society demands to identify, minimize and neutralize the footprint that its activity generates on the environment (emissions, water consumption, effects on biodiversity, etc).

Forest masses are the most effective tool to fight against the environmental footprint, through management that enhances their values ​​and serves to compensate for the effects generated. Ence, an expert in forest management for more than 50 years, through the responsible and sustainable management of its own forest masses and those leased or consortium with third parties, extends its environmental commitment to compensation mechanisms, making available to companies and administrations specialized environmental services, additional to the main activity that it develops, that serve to compensate the footprint generated.

Ongoing projects

Environmental compensation projects approved and registered

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Ongoing projects

Projects under study


  • Type: Mount on fire
  • Forest mass: Eucalyptus forest
  • Area: 30 ha
  • Municipal area: Porto do Son (A Coruña)


  • Type: Mount on fire
  • Forest mass: Eucalyptus
  • Area: 196 ha
  • Municipal term: Rociana del Condado (Huelva)


  • Type: Mount on fire
  • Forest mass: Quercus ilex forest
  • Area: 5,83 ha
  • Municipal area: Calañas (Huelva)