Ence, committed with the environment, society, rural areas and the fight against climate change

Forest stands play a fundamental role in providing a wide range of environmental services that directly benefit society. These services include carbon fixation, biodiversity promotion, soil stabilization, water absorption, and improvement of air and water quality, among others. In addition to traditional products such as wood, biomass, cork, game, grasses and mushrooms, modern society is increasingly interested in identifying, minimizing and neutralizing the environmental footprint generated by its activities, including emissions, water consumption and impact on the environment. biodiversity.

In this context, our forest masses not only represent a valuable resource, but are also an effective tool to combat the environmental footprint. This is achieved through the implementation of sustainable forest management that maximizes the positive effects on the natural environment, while enhancing the absorption capacity of greenhouse gases.

ENCE, as an entity with more than 50 years of experience in forest management, demonstrates a solid commitment to environmental responsibility. Through the sustainable management of our forest masses, whether owned, leased or consorted with third parties, we extend our commitment to compensation mechanisms. We offer specialized environmental services to companies and administrations, allowing them to effectively compensate for the footprint generated by their activities. We are committed to promoting sustainable practices and actively contributing to environmental conservation.

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Ongoing projects

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  • Type: Mount on fire
  • Forest mass: Eucalyptus forest
  • Area: 30 ha
  • Municipal area: Porto do Son (A Coruña)


  • Type: Mount on fire
  • Forest mass: Eucalyptus
  • Area: 196 ha
  • Municipal term: Rociana del Condado (Huelva)


  • Type: Mount on fire
  • Forest mass: Quercus ilex forest
  • Area: 5,83 ha
  • Municipal area: Calañas (Huelva)