Welcome to our Talent Program!

At Ence we bet on young Talent and that is why we have a scholarship program in our centres. This program gives newly-graduated university students the opportunity to start their professional career by actively participating in the processes and business projects of the different areas that make up our company.

If you are a newly-graduated university student, you shall be able to put into practice all the theoretical knowledge learned in your studies, acquiring and developing your skills and competencies day by day supported by professional specialists who will contribute to give a practical outlook to your training.

What does our Talent Program offer?

  • It enables new graduates to know and understand the company’s different businesses areas.
  • It provides participants with basic knowledge of business management and decision and management models.
  • It allows those selected to develop skills to improve professional effectiveness, linked to Ence’s culture and professional style.
  • It offers a work experience that complements your studies.
  • It gives you the possibility to experience the labour market for the first time and choosing your future path.