Magnon Green Energy, Ence’s renewable energy business, is the first Spanish company in renewable energy production with low emission forestry and agricultural biomass. We have a generating capacity of 266 MW in our independent power plants.

Our subsidiary is at the forefront in the use of the biomass as a renewable source of energy, a solid, safe alternative energy, which contributes to improving the environment, and has a great potential for development in Spain. Alternative energy with great environmental benefits, reducing emissions and contributing to the transition towards a low carbon energy model.

We generate energy with low emission biomass through eight production plants: three in Huelva, two in Ciudad Real, one in Córdoba, one in Mérida and one in Jaén. These are electricity generation plants that exclusively feed on biomass of agroforestry origin from nearby environments, which contributes to the reduction of the burning of the surplus by-product, and to the reactivation of the rural economy.

On the other hand, Ence’s pulp biofactories in Pontevedra and Navia generate 112 MW through its sustainable and low-emission generation and cogeneration plants -derived from the pulp production process-, which ensure the energy self-sufficiency of these facilities.