Pulp production

Ence produces high quality eucalyptus pulp at its plants in Navia (Asturias) and Pontevedra.

Application of the Best Available Techniques

Emission minimization

Lignospread and Novacell R&D&I Projects

Innovative management system

Occupational Risk Prevention

Odour and noise reduction


tons produced in 2019


destined for Europe


Biomass renewable energy

Ence is the leading Spanish producer of biomass renewable energy, and after its commitment to diversification towards other renewable technologies, it also generates solar thermal energy through its Termosolar Plant in Puertollano. We have an installed capacity of more than 316 MW in our independent power generation plants.

Renewable generation

Solid and safe energy

Job creation and rural economy

Climate change mitigation

Energy management

Socioeconomic benefits of biomass

10 plants


1.908 GWh

of energy produced by Ence in 2019


Forest management

R&D&I Forest Improvement Plan

Integrated System of Sustainable Forest Management

Support to forest owners

Biological pest control

Forest certification

Protection of species and habitats

+ 66.000

hectares of forest stands managed by Ence (2019)

more than 22%

of the managed surface, about 14,822 hectares, dedicated to protecting and preserving ecosystems