Our pulp biofactories, commitment to Circular Economy

Ence Energía y Celulosa is a company firmly committed to the respect for the environment and sustainability in all its operations, as well as promoting biobased economy.

Our company’s activity is based on using raw materials of biological, renewable and homegrown origin. With these natural products we manufacture pulp of the highest quality respectful of the natural environment and recyclable, with which a variety of paper products for everyday use is produced, making our life easier.

The Best Renewable Energy

Ence also generates renewable energy with low emission agricultural and forestry biomass which contributes to mitigating climate change, preventing fires in our mountains and the polluting burning of agricultural waste in our fields. In addition, it favours and promotes the job creation, mainly rural.

Sustainable Development for the Forestry Sector

We promote the development of a strong and sustainable forestry sector, forest certification and the best management practices as a way to create economic development, especially in rural areas.
Ence is, in short, a company firmly committed to respecting the environment and developing a circular economy, based on maximum reuse of resources to take care of the natural environment.

We generate wealth

With the commitment and involvement of all the people making up our company, Ence aspires to be a leader in the total and sustainable use of forest crops and agroforestry biomass to generate, with the greatest corporate responsibility, sustained profitability for our shareholders, a better service for our customers, and employment and wealth in the areas where we operate.