“Caminos Cirulares”, a project to support entrepreneurs and boost the circular economy in Huelva

“Caminos Cirulares” is the name of the project presented by Ence in Huelva, and whose objective is the promotion of the circular economy through sustainable entrepreneurship and business synergies.

The project includes the creation of various meeting spaces, the first of which will take place on November 27 in Valverde del Camino. It will be the first of a series of actions that shape “Caminos Circulars” complete project, and that includes specific training workshops for entrepreneurs, social innovation and territorial connection actions, informative campaigns in social networks and conventional media and visits to educational centers . All to boost the awareness of all economic agents with sustainability and with the circular economy as the only strategy for the future.

Caminos Cirulares is based on Ence’s conviction about the need to transcend concepts such as sustainable development towards regenerative development, linear economy towards circular economy, and Corporate Social Responsibility towards Social Responsibility with conscience.

The Circular Roads project will be developed in the coming months in four main areas that will cover companies, entrepreneurs, students and society in general throughout the province of Huelva.

The first axis is business synergies, for which three face-to-face meetings or Meeting Spaces will be held in strategic localities of the province and with the participation of the City Councils as essential vertebrating agents of the territory.

The second axis is the impulse to sustainable entrepreneurship, with the participation of entrepreneurs in the Encounter Spaces and the organization of training workshops on how to implement the principles of the circular economy in their business initiatives.

The third axis is coherent education, for which Caminos Circulos provides twelve visits to schools in the province of Huelva to talk about the circular economy as an alternative for the future and about entrepreneurship as a viable professional option.

The fourth axis, transversal to all others, is the social awareness of all through campaigns in social networks and conventional media on responsible consumption.

Ence’s activity is a clear example of a circular process, which the company manages with the priority of improving the social and environmental environment in which it operates, committed to people and with sustainability through its Corporate Social Responsibility and, specifically, with a Plan of Relations with the environment in which Circular Roads are framed.